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NSA Global Security Consultants offers a range of security risk management and security consulting services ranging from an elementary security survey to the development of bespoke turnkey security solutions. These services encompass threat and risk assessments, operational security reviews, security systems designs, policy and procedure writing, and training and skills development.

It encompasses the protection of premises and intellectual property to the recovery from fraud, leadership failure, governance weaknesses or corporate mismanagement. We are dedicated to providing advisory and consultancy services to protect our clients’ strategies, operations, resources, reputation and property; both intellectual and physical.


We offer comprehensive risk and security management solutions:

  • Establishment, auditing and enforcement of governance and compliance systems (laws, regulations,
  • policies, procedures, guidelines and best practices)
  • Non financial risk analysis, and planning and implementation of mitigation measures
  • Threat assessment, preparation of contingency plans, and crisis management support
  • Auditing and strengthening of physical integrity systems focused on people, premises, and material and non-material assets
  • Protection of logistics, production, transaction, information and communication processes against fraud, corruption, espionage and criminal threats
  • Auditing and strengthening of employee integrity systems
  • Investigation of loss, asset tracing, recovery and litigation support
  • Auditing of organisational structure, governance, decision-making and leadership in support of investigations into malfeasance and internal disciplinary proceedings
  • Vetting of commercial and financial partners and candidates through deep due diligence
  • Support to investment decisions through valuation assessment investigation and risk profiling
    (individuals, companies, industries, governmental agencies and governments, countries and regional
Our Expertise – Political, Governance and Security (PGS) Risks

We assist our clients to manage political, governance and security risks (PGS risks). In a world of global regulation and trans-national jurisdiction (e.g. USA’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and South Africa’s FICA) local incidents can have a global impact, engaging directors’ responsibility and affecting business sustainability. PGS risks must be identified, anticipated, mitigated. They must be managed.

Our Goal – PGS-Risk Resiliency

“Resilience is the capacity for complex systems to survive, adapt, evolve and grow in the face of turbulent change. The Resilient Enterprise is risk intelligent, flexible and agile” (The Competitiveness and Security Conundrum.) Our goal is to provide a sustainable and secure business environment, maintain high levels of corporate integrity and develop PGS risk-resiliency.

To do so:

  • We assist in the analysis of strategic and operational settings, focusing on factors with adverse effects on value drivers;
  • We support the design and implementation of PGS risk management programmes;
  • We intervene in crises and incidents to contain and resolve;
  • We analyse crises and incidents to identify causes and develop long term mitigation, to decrease re-occurrence and associated losses;
  • We generate insights and sustainable solutions toward value protection;
  • We provide information and intelligence critical to investment and operational integrity.

In addition, we provide high-level investigations and electronic counter-surveillance services, working with some of the world’s leading experts in these fields.

  • Residential and Commercial Property Security and Risk Assessment
  • New and Existing Property, Greenfield Projects
  • Holistic Investigative Services Forensic, Commercial, White Collar Crime Investigations, Undercover Agents,
  • Financial Fraud Investigations, Stock Shrinkage and Lose Investigations, Technical Security Counter-Surveillance
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Expatriate orientation briefing, hijack prevention and reaction, how to survive an armed robbery or hostage situation, presence of mind, security awareness in public areas and work place.
  • Threat Assessment and Management
  • Workplace Violence Response and Consulting
  • Country-Specific and Region-Specific Risk Assessments
  • Background Checks
  • Pre-Employment Screening, Due-Diligence
  • Cyber Security

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Our stringent selection process, superior training and exemplary track record are of NSA  SA key differentiators

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